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About Us

SCS Engineering, Inc. is a Small Business.

SCS, founded in 1982, specializes in Software, Simulation and Test products and services for the development of real-time software.  Our employees have been a part of the aerospace and defense industry since the 1970s.

SCS R&D services include the core areas of Distributed Technologies which include Processing, Simulations, Mission Rehearsal, Embedded Training, Real-Time Architectures and System Integration.

SCS support services include system design, software development, software/system integration and testing, software quality assurance and general software/system support and maintenance.

SCS product suites encompass real-time Software, Simulation and Test development and analysis tools, visualization tools, and communication backbone tools.

SCS commercial product line also includes model suites providing theater level, vehicle level and subsystem level simulations.

SCS development activities have included Systems and Mission Rehearsal Tool Suites which support distributed planning, mission execution, observation and post-mission analysis.

SCS activities have also included Avionic Simulation Software used in the development of System Integration Facilities and Laboratories.

SCS also holds specific experience in developing PC-based real-time visual systems and rendering engines based on OpenGL/DirectX and Open-Source concepts.  SCS has developed out-the-window scene generators using non-proprietary graphic suites and standards as well as fully interactive virtual battle spaces using goggles and head locators.

SCS has extensive experience in deploying real-time systems on desktop workstations.  SCS has developed toolsets which allow legacy mainframe and mini-computer based simulation systems to be replaced with Microsoft Windows based workstations and systems.  SCS has deployed applications, tools, and APIs on platforms based on VxWorks, UNIX and Linux.

SCS specializes in providing services related to real-time simulation applications and developing real-time simulation tools and systems.

Applications include:

  • Formal Test and Regression Testing Systems
  • Real-Time Simulation Systems
  • Subsystem Test and Integration
  • System Integration Laboratories
  • Interactive Mission Rehearsal (Military and Commercial)
  • Standalone algorithm, model and software development
  • System maintenance
  • System integration
  • System Monitoring
  • Data Acquisitions
  • System Training
  • Test Sets
  • Hot Benches
  • DIS/HLA Workstations

System Integration Laboratories (SIL) and Subsystem Integration Facilities (SIF) include:

  • Fixed Wing Air Vehicles
  • Rotary Wing Air Vehicles
  • Un-Manned Air Vehicles
  • Tilt Rotor Air Vehicles
  • Armored Vehicles
  • Commercial (Avionics and Galley Inserts)
  • Military

Our engineers have developed Ada, FORTRAN, C/C++, Pascal, LabVIEW and Assembler software applications for host computer systems as well as Ada, Jovial, C/C++ and Assembler for embedded computer systems. These host and embedded applications include:

  • Software Development Tools - Tool Sets for the development of embedded systems, expert systems, mission applications, subsystem integration, operating systems and distributed systems. The tools included:
    • Symbolic Debuggers
    • Expert System Shells
    • Real Time Data Loggers
    • Bus Stimulation and Analysis Environments
    • Data Reduction Plot and Tabular Dump Utilities
    • Interactive Graphics and Plotting Packages
    • Simulation Environments
    • System/Subsystem Integration Environments
    • Ada Software Development Environments
  • Mission Applications - Mission applications that range from real-time multi-sensor data fusion to non-real-time system status and diagnostic monitors. Our engineers have developed applications such as: navigation, multi-source sensor data fusion, air-to-air weapon delivery, air-to-ground weapon delivery, crew station interfaces, display systems, status monitoring, built-in-test, down loadable diagnostics. Our engineers have also developed algorithmic as well as rule based applications.
  • System Control / Resource Management - Resource management applications that assess system capability, mission requirements, mission priorities and mission phase; these systems are then dynamically balanced based on system assessment. Our engineers have developed these systems which included embedded, host, real-time, non-real-time, man-in-the loop and hybrid systems.
  • Automated Test Sets - Automated Test Sets have ranged from single commercial aircraft fixtures to complex DoD weapons system avionic suites.
  • Data Management - Data management systems that manage low and high speed data bus interfaces, central and distributed data base systems, shared memories, linear busses, ring busses, cross bar switches, bulk memories and magnetic media. The control strategies that our engineers developed for these systems include sequential access, direct access, physical addressing, logical addressing and hybrid access.
  • Operating Systems - Operating systems for single as well as multi-processor systems. Many of which were developed in high order languages to ensure maximum transportability. Our engineers have the background required to assess timing and sizing issues to determine the proper balance between HOL implementations versus native language implementations. Our engineers have developed Kernels that operate on multi-vendor Mil-Std-1750A computers, CISC and RISC based systems.

SCS Engineering, Inc. 

23430 Hawthorne Blvd - Suite 240, Torrance, California  90505-4722

For further information, contact:  webmaster@scsenginc.com


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